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this world needs more vision

this world needs more vision

AirStrike lets your visitors interact with any digital screen using their hands and fingers, naturally.


The finger is the most natural pointing device

Let’s get back to basics, to the human body. Let’s give people the use of their body. Airstrike allows touchless interaction with distant screens by finger and gesture tracking.

AirStrike uses stereo vision cameras to track fingers above or below the sensors. AirStrike capabilities relies on:

  • shape recognition
  • object tracking
  • direction extrapolation
  • gesture recognition

Touchless interaction allows precise yet natural interaction. People interact without learning, by pointing in the air.


When there is no time to learn 

AirStrike is a zero-learning pointing device that people aged 7 to 77 can use in seconds

Because pointing with a finger is a natural gesture to human beings, everybody know instantly how to use AirStrike.

So Airstrike is the perfect interface to :

AirStrike is the perfect match to:

  • 3D display
  • Holographic, LED screen
  • Large projection

Interactive Book based on AirStrike

AirStrike integrated with an holographic display

AirStrike for Museum